Lake Lanier's Reservoir Land & Property Archival Program

           Welcome to Lake Lanier’s Reservoir Land & Property Archival Program.   This tool will allow you to locate information on land and other property the government purchased for Lake Sidney Lanier.  You can search for property information by the owner’s full name, the owner’s last name, the tract number, and county the property was located in.

            An abridged collection of data is provided for each tract of land.  Data sheets detailing the owner’s name, tract number of the property, the county it was located in, the acreage purchased, the price paid by the government for the property and a description of what the property was used for is provided for each tract.  Government promissory deed records are provided for most of the tracts. Some contain photographs of improvements made on the property to help determine the fair market value of property.

Search by Tract, Last Name, or County


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